To extend the “Anything But Cute” campaign through social media channels, Opel has team-up with the Los Angeles based clip maker and ‘Vine star’ Zach King. He interprets the features of the new Adam Rocks in six short creative films:
Client: Opel
Creation: Dirk Ollmann, Beatriz Carosini, Frauke Müller, Moritz Hettwer, Viola Riechert
Artist: Zach King
Agency: Scholz & Friends
Year: 2014
The Next Step was a great Cooperation from Zach King and Gernanys Next Top Model Show with  Heidi Klum.

Have a Look

NEW - Campari - Frangelico
Dodge Viral Film
Viagra Campaign Concept
Surf Kite Alliance II
DFDS Seaways
Mercedes-Benz "Cabriotag"
Opel Corsa - Brunettes Shoot Blondes
The all new BMW X3
Berlin 92
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