Generated diversity

Always awesome.

Never before has the "what if" been realized as quickly and in as many different ways as it is today. Isn't that wonderful? Every idea can be implemented immediately. A paradise for creatives. My personal path leads to reality rather than surrealism. More emotion than perfectionism. Always exciting.
We are future – think!
Backseat shooting for Chivas Regal whiskey - Agency TLC
Antares – The Exoplanets.
Dangerous Shooting.
The breeders' fantasies are limitless.
Wempe Selected Magazine - Agency Studio 38 Berlin
Wildlife – I had installed my wildlife camera at my little dacha near the Polish border. But maybe it's better not to know what happens at night.
Every book starts a journey - Concept for Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels.
Global Warming – the show must go on.
Social campaign – At 18:00 the supermarket puts out the garbage cans – what is your pension enough for? 

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