Opel Corsa - Hot Cats

Find the warm Places - Online Special

To launch the new Opel Corsa in Europe it was developed the campaign website neuesOh.de
The website includes the Hot Cats web special – an interactive video, where people can guide cute cats through the interior of the new  Opel Corsa to discover warm hot spots as heated seats, windscreen and leather steering wheel.
The fluffiest test teaser video generated up to now over 660.000 hits on the Opel Deutschland YouTube channel.
Client: Opel
Creation: Dirk Ollmann, Yun-Jung Hwang, Beatriz Carosini, Frauke Müller, Julijus Rebic, Moritz Hettwer, Holger Kohl
Agency: Scholz & Friends
Year: 2014

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