With the innovative interface "BFS DiGA Link" for Digital Health Applications, BFS health finance is one step ahead of the competition. Through confident statements and charming, direct approaches, we position BFS health finance as a first mover in DiGA billing, verification and factoring. 

The task: Develop a name and awareness campaign for BFS health finance's innovative DiGA interface - through all channels. Online and offline.
Print Ads
Video Ads/Video Posts
Social Posts
Design execution: Not the light gives the animation, but the position of the cube. Each pixel cube can be controlled individually in the 3D software and rotates to the light to give the overall animation. 
Client: BFS health finance / Bertelsmann Group
Creative Director Copy: Edgar Linscheid
Creative Director Art: Dirk Ollmann
3D Artwork: Til Schlenker, primate.tv

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