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Magazine Design
by for Surf Kite Alliance. 

Miss honeyglide, is all that I desire
Her dream, that pulls me thru the week
Thoughts of surfing her, consumes like fire
Her hypnotic, liquid slide, I seek

Mostly, I wait, weeks, at a time
Jilted, like a fool, waiting, on the wrong block
Search north, and south, almost a crime
Fishing, or groveling, and ignoring the clock

But, when miss honeyglide, finally shows
Only after the wings, of a northeast swell
The winds, shift west, pure offshore glass blows
Miss honeyglide pulls me, from flat hell

Pure stoke, as I see her, 'round the bend
Ecstatic fun, as I slip into her velvet
Hissing, watery glide, to send
Worldly cares, away, as she sees fit

Poetry by Trailboss_Skillet
#animateddesign #design #graphicdesign #surfkitealliance

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